Women In Red Dress Form A Line. When They Turn Around The Audience Gasps In Disbelief

In a world of facts and rationale, magic tricks—no matter how small—are always fun to witness. Whether it’s an outlandish trick like making a person float in the air or a simple sleight of hand with a deck of cards, magic makes people suspend disbelief even if only for a moment.

Magic isn’t a new concept by any means. In fact, the first book of magic tricks was written in 1489 by Gantziony. It was called “Natural and Unnatural Magic.” However, magicians were discouraged from practicing their fun tricks as fears of witchcraft sparked across communities throughout the years.

In fact, it was hundreds of years after this first book had come out before magicians were seen as fun performers instead of dangerous heretics. Thankfully, today’s societies know that magic tricks are just harmless fun meant to entertain the audience and bring some joy to peoples’ lives.

That’s probably why what these women do in this magic trick is so amazing. The women on stage all line up clad in matching bright red dresses as the audience watches in anticipation. The women begin their performance and end up gathering in the middle of the stage. At that moment, the routine becomes anything but that as all of the dresses inexplicably change from red to yellow before the audience’s eyes!

At this point, the audience is stunned with many left with their mouths hanging open in shock and awe. No one knows how this happened, and everyone is stunned by this great trick, but there’s even more in store for the audience. Check out this great magic trick in the video below, and see how amazing these ladies are for yourself!