Woman Tired Of Hiding Her Gray. Super Short Makeover Leaves Her Completely Unrecognizable

As people age, their priorities change. As teenagers and young adults, we focus on what others think of us. But as we become older and wiser, we learn to live our lives based on what we want.

At 41 years old, Kerry Grundhoefer realized she’d been hiding who she was just to live up to popular standards of beauty. And she was tired of that. Thanks to A-list hair stylist “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins, Kerry said goodbye to her dyed, damaged hair and hello to a more stunning and natural look.

Kerry had spent too many years desperately trying to hide her graying hair with chemical-heavy dyes and treatments. Decades of processing and over-processing had left her with fragile hair that was sensitive to nearly every product. This made Kerry wake up; damaging her body just to achieve a certain “look” wasn’t worth it.

This realization is what led her to Christopher’s salon. As the best stylist in the business, Christopher was the only man for the job. She needed his talent and his vision in order to embrace her true self once and for all.

Once she sat down in his styling chair, she took a deep breath and admitted that she wanted him to cut her hair short—very short. She didn’t want a shoulder-length cut or even a bob. No, she wanted a shocking cut that would showcase her vivacious, larger-than-life personality.

Her husband was going to support her no matter what she decided to do with her hair, so she decided to make herself happy.

Without hesitating, Christopher sheared off most of Kelly’s hair. As she watched him hold up all of the hair that he’d just cut off, her eyes widened in shock and her mouth dropped open. But she reminded herself that Christopher knew what he was doing. This was just the first step on her journey.

And when he revealed her final look, she wasn’t disappointed.

When she saw her transformation in the mirror, Kelly couldn’t hide her tears of joy, and her husband loved it as well. Finally, she could showcase her gorgeous, naturally gray hair and feel like herself—no more hair dye, no more pretending. This is a lesson. We should all be as confident as she is!

See the breathtaking transformation for yourself in the video below.