3 Tiny Dancers Line Up Facing Wall, But Instant They Turn Around Audience Loses It With Laughter

While some young girls might feel butterflies in their stomachs as they perform on stage with their dancing school, North Carolina native Johanna Colon was anything but nervous. She showed off her big personality and fun-loving spirit as she and two other tiny dancers took the stage accompanied by the sounds of the Aretha Franklin classic “Respect.”

Clad in polka dot tutus with pink and black leotards, the three girls gave it their all, but little Johanna turned it up a notch and gave the audience all the sass and attitude they could handle. With flashy arm movements, sharp pointing, and a couple of no-nonsense head bobs, this girl made the audience sit up and pay attention.

Johanna’s dad was lucky enough to catch the whole thing on video so they can savor this great performance for years to come.

When approached about her daughter’s standout performance, mother Elissa recalled Johanna’s rehearsing the routine in their house over and over again. Elissa took this as an opportunity to educate her daughter about the renowned Aretha Franklin.

Upon seeing the legendary singer in action, Johanna picked up on Franklin’s signature sass and attitude—something she obviously put into her own performance.

Johanna put so much of the singer’s performance into her own that she couldn’t help but to start lip-syncing the classic tune while performing her steps. There is even one point at which the little dancer shakes her head emphatically and throws her arms up to push the point home.

To round out her routine, Johanna claps her hands, shimmying from one side of the stage to the other while her dad proudly yells, “That’s my girl!”

She ends her infamous performance by striking a final pose as the audience collectively loses their minds in cheers and laughter. Johanna might have only been six years old in this video below, but she has been dancing since she was a mere two years old. It certainly shows in her stellar performance!