Olympic Skater ‘Irish Dances’ Across Ice, Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet

When “Riverdance” was released 23 years ago, it was an instant success. Viewers all over the world were enthralled by the quick-stepping dancers and the unique musicality and elegance of the Irish production. Still today, “Riverdance” has a unique ability to stir a crowd; there’s just something about the slow swelling of the rhythm and the synchronicity of the dancers that are irresistible.

In 2015, figure skater Jason Brown, a U.S. national champion, required a fresh, fabulous new routine. That’s when Jason’s coach and choreographer came up with the brilliant idea for Jason to skate to the tune of “Reel Around the Sun” from “Riverdance.” Jason thought they were insane. Little did he know that their decision would propel him into instant fame.

When he began his routine, from the very first beat of the music, the crowd was hooked. The more he danced to the Irish tune, the more enthusiastic the crowd became. Even though dancing on ice is a whole different ballgame than dancing on stage, Jason’s version of the Irish dance was just as captivating to witness.

By the time Jason had moved through the choreography and reached the end of his dance, the whole audience was giving him a standing ovation. Even the commentators weren’t able to suppress their delight.

Jason’s famous Irish ice dance has already wowed twenty million viewers. Watch it; you’ll be completely blown away!