How to Make a Chicken Sweater

The cold that comes along with winter isn’t just hard on us, animals suffer as well. While some types of birds migrate to warmer weather to find the climate they need to survive, chickens do not. Keep your chickens warm throughout the cold weather months with these awesome DIY sweaters for chickens.

Because the sweaters are held on with Velcro/buttons, they’re easy to put them on your chickens and remove when necessary.

The Velcro edges simply attach under the chicken’s wings to ensure they can move around freely.

So the final result should look something like this. There’s a hole for the chicken’s head, and plenty of room to cover its body.

Not only are they useful, you can start right away and even customize the sweater by switching up the colors.

You can even add cute buttons or other embellishments.

To find all the step-by-step instructions to keep your chickens warm this winter, click here.