A Japanese Artist Draws Emotions We’ve All Had Before But Can’t Describe

The Japanese artist who goes by the name avogado6 is an enigma. On his Twitter feed, he has a drawing of the chemist Amadeo Avogadro. The artist may be fond of chemistry, but he refrains from putting boring chemical formulas in his work. Instead, his vivid imagery speaks of those emotions for which we have few words to describe. His artwork speaks to us all and helps us to understand those feelings.

But how can you draw what you cannot say aloud? That very question is the reason why this artist’s work is worth a look. Blossomfully has gathered 20 illustrations by avogado6 for your pleasure. We thought it would be fun to share our impressions.

Holding onto what belongs in the past.

At times, your wings may become exhausted and fail.

Silence, that peaceful symphony.

Spreading out like butter on bread is a necessity at times.

Exhaustion takes its toll.

Putting yourself together, one piece at a time.

Time, like gravity, is pitiless.

I’m okay. Don’t mind me!

Too brittle to touch.

Your batteries won’t last forever.


Locking your heart up tight.

The passage of time captures everything.

Too many thoughts, all at once.

Emotionally drained.

My trauma. It needs me.

A meeting of eyes.

The corporate killing machine.

You’re happy and successful! But only online.

Not all education is equal.

Bonus: We can see that the artist is a chemist. Here, he shows filtration in action.

Which image spoke to you the loudest, and what did it say to you? Have you had similar emotions that were difficult to describe?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!