Husband Takes Selfies of Himself and His Wife on Vacation While He’s Driving And The Result Is Just Too Funny

Taking a road trip with a buddy in the passenger seat is very beneficial.  Your buddy can be your slave while you’re driving!  You can have your mate look at the map, grab a bottle of water from the cooler and open it, find the best music on the stereo, complain about how long the trip is taking (if you don’t have kids), and more!

But MrMagoo21 doesn’t have such luxuries.  He and his wife love traveling to various destinations, but he’s the only one who remembers the actual road trip.  You see, his wife sleeps.  He claims that it’s like Pavlov’s dog.  “She got car sick as a kid … and her mom would give her motion sickness medicine that knocked her out.” He claims that “she’s been trained to fall asleep” as soon as the car’s tires hit the pavement.