Grandma Thinks Newborn’s Gender Is The Surprise Only To Walk In And See A Secret Twin

Many couples choose to keep the gender of their unborn baby a secret, but one couple went even further with a double surprise for their family and friends. The gender and the number of babies were kept a closely guarded secret.

Korey and Sharon of Pensacola, FL, married in 2010 after meeting at Pensacola Christian College and had a son. Upon learning that Sharon was pregnant again in August 2015, they decided to have some fun with their family and friends.

They stopped posting on Facebook, let a few people in on the surprise, and managed to keep their secret from family who lived mostly out of state.

Sharon’s mother was the first to arrive at the hospital after Sharon had given birth. Even though Sharon’s mother did not know the gender of the baby, she was so excited about meeting her new grandchild that she brought two balloons to Sharon’s room—one pink and one blue.

Thankfully, her priceless reaction at seeing the new additions was caught on video along with the reactions of other family and friends.

This viral video is sure to bring a smile to your face!