‘Sound Of Silence’ Begins To Play. In Seconds, Haunting Performance Takes Everyone’s Breath Away

Figure skating, like dancing, is art.  Skaters glide over the ice, twisting and turning in a whirlwind of limbs that makes us wonder, “How did they do that?”  We cannot help but to marvel over such grace and beauty.

The routines these artists perform often leave us speechless.  And the French figure skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres did not disappoint when they teamed up in an attempt to earn first place in the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy 2017 competition in Japan.  They shattered their competitors and left their audience in tears.

They’ve developed such a tight bond on the ice that they seemed to move together as one being rather than as two skaters.  Anyone who saw them knew that Vanessa and Morgan were the perfect, enchanting duo.

In Japan, the couple gave us Disturbed’s rendition of the haunting Simon & Garfunkel classic “The Sound of Silence.”  They held us spellbound as they gave the song a new, magical life with their exquisite choreography and immaculate timing.

The audience, which we can see in the background, is captivated.  As we watch the performance of a lifetime, we hope the judges are, as well.

The melancholy strains of the music, coupled with the eerie lyrics and the black costumes belie the skaters’ vibrant and stunning routine.  They are dancers, spinning and jumping expertly throughout the midnight hour.

Figure skating judges formulate their scores based on how precisely the various moves that make up a routine are executed, and the duo practiced well.

Morgan throws Vanessa up into the air as if she’s as light as a feather.  She, in turn, lands on the ice effortlessly and glides away on the thin blades of her skates.

Watch closely as the video below nears the 1:50 mark.  Vanessa and Morgan do something that will leave you stunned.  You’ll watch with bated breath, praying for her to land not only safely but gracefully so that the duo can earn all the points that they deserve.  You may even want to cheer them on!

The audience not only did that but gave them a standing ovation when their performance was done.  What they did was absolutely incredible.

But Vanessa and Morgan are not only amazing figure skaters; they’re also very imaginative individuals who know how to create an atmosphere with an air of mystery.  They chose an eerie, mellow song and gave it a dash of pizzazz.

We cannot wait to see what they come up with next! Watch the video below. Enjoy!