Dozens Of Dancers Arrange In Huge Circle, But Watch Their Legs Move As Beat Starts To Change

The kick-routine dance style is always a big hit with the fans at high school and college dance competitions. The division encompasses dancing with meticulous kicking drills, and the moves include high kicks, fan and gradient kicks, and contagions all choreographed into a spectacular production.

The line of the kick must be precise and fierce with the toes extended into a good point, the legs perfectly straight and tight, and the back held erect.

The performers are generally in very good physical shape – they would have to be if you take into consideration the strength needed to take part in a high-kick routine. Part of the performance is portraying a shining personality, and although the dancers maintain sunny smiles throughout the routine, they mostly end it quite out of breath.

Both college and high school teams from Texas are especially well-known for their fabulous dance routines. In particular, the Carroll High School Emerald Belles out of Southlake, Texas, put together a magnificent piece that resulted in high praise and cheers from the audience.

At a regional high school event, they set themselves up to stand out boldly from the other teams when they danced to a somewhat spooky remix of “Sweet Dreams.”

Their flawless choreography involved team members beginning the dance at different levels, with one lifted high in a lift called the spinning star.

They transition seamlessly into a kick line, and then, the rocking routine changes pace; one of the moves includes a beautiful leg extension within the kick line. The contagions within this aesthetically pleasing routine then form squares and triangles.

The finale of the routine is super-skilful and includes something unexpected.

If you want to be truly amazed by what these bold young dancers can do, watch this video.