Beautiful Girl Makes Decision To Cut Long Hair, New Look Leaves Her Unrecognizable

Most people decide to get a makeover just because they’re ready for a new look. Unfortunately, some people get a makeover because they’re facing challenges too difficult to imagine. After receiving a difficult diagnosis, a young woman named Laura took her circumstances into her own hands.

Laura was diagnosed with cancer. Before undergoing intense rounds of chemotherapy, she decided that she wanted an empowering new look! She turned to the best man for the job: Jerome Lordet, who works at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City.

Jerome knew just what he needed to do to give Laura the makeover of her dreams. He listened to what Laura wanted and used the skills he was blessed with in order to make her wish come true.

Because this haircut was so important to Laura, it was important to Jerome as well. She wasn’t just another client looking for a change of pace. She was a strong young woman who needed a stylish but low-maintenance cut as she undertook this difficult new stage in her life.

The first step? Jerome cut off more than a foot of hair! Laura was in shock as she saw her long, brown hair on the ground. But then she remembered that this was the necessary first step.

She wanted a haircut that showed off how carefree she was. She also needed a haircut that she could take care of easily as she completed her chemotherapy treatments, because she knew she wouldn’t have the time or energy to take care of long hair. Jerome fulfilled her wish by layering her hair in a cute pixie cut that stopped just below her ears.

Jerome finished layering her hair and trimming off a few final strands to make it even. Next, he dried it so that she could see the final result. She looked gorgeous! Laura was in shock again, but this time, it was a good shock. This was everything she’d wanted. As she looked in the mirror, she kept running her fingers through her hair.

But that’s not all! To go the extra mile, the stylists at Pierre Michel Salon gave her a complete makeover. Katherine, a star makeup artist at the salon, gave her a radically new look, including eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and even a new eyebrow color. Laura was always lovely, and now, her new look was stunning!

Screenshot via YouTube

Laura was touched. She couldn’t hold back the wave of emotions that flooded over her. She was grateful to the stylists for helping her begin this difficult journey with a bold, empowering look. Her makeover made her so excited, and it’s easy to see why—she’s gorgeous!

To see Laura’s incredible transformation, check out this video.