11 Babies Who Look Like Famous Celebrities

Children often look like their parents.  But, at times, they may resemble various idols from the covers of glossy magazines, the Grammy Awards, the TV screen, or even the silver screen.

Today, Bright Side introduces you to some incredible babies who look just like famous actors, entertainers, and even British nobility!

Some girls just can’t help looking like Ed Sheeran.

There was Gandalf the Gray, Gandalf the White, and Gandalf the Babe.

Before Mrs. Doubtfire was a nanny, she was a kid!

Danny DeVito got both the first and the last laugh.

At some point, Jay-Z has to smile.  At least once.

The Fast, the Furious, and the Naughty Stinky-Poo

Jamie Oliver was always grinning while he was cookin’.

It’s true!  Kevin didn’t always work at The Office.

Before there was the show Hell’s Kitchen, there was Heck’s Kitchen.

John Legend was always happy about singing.

See?  I told you I’m a member of the Royal Family!

Have you ever found any baby pictures that look like celebrities?  We’d love to hear about them!