5 Superpowers That Anxious People Have, According to Science

People who struggle with anxiety disorders face uphill battles every single day because they perceive the world differently than other people do. Everyday tasks might make them panic. Simple responsibilities can make them tense. Life is overwhelming at every turn.

But according to new research, being anxious has an upside: People with anxiety have strengths that the general population lacks.

1. Anxious people have higher IQs.

People with anxiety disorders are more likely to have high IQs. This might be because people who are intelligent tend to ruminate and worry about things that less-intelligent people hardly think about. (Ignorance really is bliss.)

2. Anxious people are better at saving lives.

Anxious people pay close attention to the details of their surroundings, and they catch things that most people miss. This helps them intuit when something is about to go wrong, meaning they are often the first people to react in a bad situation.

3. Anxious people are great lie detectors.

Because they pay such close attention to everyone and everything, anxious people have the uncanny ability to tell when someone is lying.

4. Anxious people are more empathetic.

According to science, people with anxiety disorders feel the strong need to empathize with others and do all that they can to help. They are exceptional listeners and talented problem solvers.

5. Anxious people feed off others’ energy.

People with anxiety disorders are highly sensitive and attuned to their surroundings, meaning they quickly sense the energy of others. As soon as meeting someone, they are able to sense that person’s positive or negative energy and decide whether to avoid the person.