5 Awesome DIY Lego Tables for Kids

Ever since Legos first hit the shelves back in 1949, the toy became a hit. Think about it, do you know any kids that haven’t been fascinated interlocking the tiny toy bricks to create something wonderful?! The allure of Legos even extends to adults, as it allows creativity to bloom and imagination to blossom, no matter what is being created.

While the types and sizes of Legos vary widely, you can stock up on so many different Legos, expanding the ability to create new and wonderful things. Unfortunately, this also leads to quite a mess. As kids (or adults) play, Legos seem to just scatter everywhere.

Luckily, there is a solution for the mess. By creating a Lego station, complete with a table to play on and drawers to store the tiny pieces, kids can continue to play and image new possibilities while the clean-up process becomes so much easier!

Even better, you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive Lego table; you can create your own easily to save some cash and enhance your play area. All you need are a few plastic drawer units on wheels, a board about 4 feet long, stools, and Lego bases.

To begin creating your Lego table, head to Our Wee Family for all the details you need to get started right away.

Or you can check out some of these other awesome DIY Lego table projects:

This Lego table is so stylish, it doesn’t even look like it was made at home. Check out the tutorial here.

This table was made using an old dresser to innovatively create a playing station. Find the tutorial here.

If you have more than one Lego-loving kid in the house, this bigger playing station is perfect! You can find more details here.

For a smaller play area perfect for the living room, you can repurpose an old end table, complete with the tutorial here.

A homemade Lego table is sure to make Lego building activities more fun while still keeping everything nicely organized and easy to pick up. Get started today!