25 People Who Didn’t Realize They Were So Attractive Until They Worked on Themselves

It’s not always easy for people to say, “I love who I am! I’m simply perfect.” While most people say that beauty isn’t the most important thing in the world or that beauty lies in the heart, a lot of people get depressed when looking in the mirror. The following people have been there, and they found a way to bring out their own beauty.

At Blossomfully, we thought we’d share these amazing stories. We couldn’t believe these were the same people …


“After losing 100 lbs., I feel alive again!”


“After 2 years and 3 months, and a lot of effort, I finally got in shape. It was well worth the effort!”


“I moved in with my grandmother after my parents’ divorce and found myself in a horrible situation. I was fat. I was constantly bullied, and women were all around me, yet they never looked at me. Then, I went to college and was afraid of even more bullying. I tried meeting people and made some true friends who helped me find an active lifestyle. I finally managed to lose weight and begin to feel good about myself. My fear washed away, and I can talk to anyone now. No more bullying for me!”


These photos were taken four years apart. I was used to hating what I looked like. Now, I no longer feel that way.


“I started working on myself when I was 19. At 21, I began looking awesome.”


“Depression took over my life. I hated the mirror. I didn’t want to live. Then, I decided to change my lifestyle and began losing weight. Now, I have so much energy that it annoys my boyfriend! I run all the time. I feel great, and I love my life!”


“I was never very fat. I just needed the right hairstyle! Now, I’m a rock star.”


“I used to be just 60 pounds and practically emaciated. Now, I’m 90 and I’m still working on myself. I tried to gain weight, I went to the hospital a number of times, and nothing worked. I was determined to get better, so I figured I’d try to improve my health myself. I finally gained weight and discovered more energy. Now, I can work a full day, live on my own, and be a “real” adult!”


“That was me three years ago, and here I am now. People who didn’t know me then don’t even believe that was me!”


“My life has completely changed over the past three years! I used to be really shy and never got out much. It’s amazing how easy it is to change your appearance!”


“It has only been four years, but what a difference. (That’s me, the guy on the right.)”


“I’m an avid reader. I read as much as I can. And I learned to change myself mentally and emotionally. How I look and feel now is like night and day compared to then. I began losing my hair at a young age. But then, I joined the military, where they shave your head, anyway. Being bald was no longer much of an issue since everyone was! When I got out, I kept on shaving my head and grew a beard. Now, I feel good about myself.”


“For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how to lose weight. I tried everything! Then, I found the right doctor who could help me.”


“All I had to do was find the right look. Now, I’m no longer ugly.”


“20 years of eating McDonald’s and soda destroyed this. But I got better.”


“I finally have a chin! Now, I’ll do anything to maintain my weight.”


“I’m 100 lbs. lighter, and I’m still working on it.”


“Four years ago, I was a nerd. Now, I’m a macho, macho man.”


“I was always fat, and I got tired of it! Who would have thought it would only take 25 months to look this good?”


“I used to be a whopping 330 lbs. I knew I had to start losing weight. I stopped eating bread and sugary foods, and I went to the gym. I also stopped drinking any alcohol for three months, though I do still have a few drinks every now and again. Now, I’m 220 lbs. I keep my weight at this mark, and I’m satisfied, but I have a new goal: 180 lbs.! And I’m working on attaining that goal! I’m getting there, and I’d like to wish you the best of luck in your journey!”


“I started losing weight, and after 20 months, I’m starting to feel great about myself. I love the way my hair looks now.”


“This is what I’ve achieved. Awesome!“


“I’m 25 now. I started working out every day and lost 120 lbs.“


“Here’s my beau as a teenager and him again at 21. What a difference five years makes!“


“I didn’t care for my looks at all. I was a plain Jane, and guys never even noticed I was there! So, I thought I’d try a radical makeover. I got tattoos, dyed my hair, dressed a bit differently … whatever I could think of. Then, they started seeing me!

But I began to realize that this new person just wasn’t who I am. So, I stopped all that and began to feel good about myself being, well, just me. I washed the dye out and went to the gym. I didn’t become a plain Jane again, but I became me! Then, something magical happened. I began to feel great. What did I learn? Stop begging for attention. Love yourself, and people will love you.”

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