12 Astonishingly Beautiful Ideas for Your Next Manicure

If you are looking for a totally stunning update to the classic French-style manicure, then we have just the look for you! We love these 13 edgy, dramatic, and fun designs that you can use to set the mood and add a modern flair to your fingers.

These elegant French-style manicures will complement any outfit, so let these gorgeous designs inspire you, and have fun!

12. Reflections

11. Lacy Polka Dots

10. Hint of Gold

9. Golden Highlights

8. Drama in Black and Red

7. Shine and Matte in Black

6. A Touch of Black

5. Silver Sparkle

4. Geometric Tips

3. Drama in Black and White

2. Pyramid Tips

1. A Subtle Shade

Bonus: Gold-Tipped Burgundy